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Andreas Tsangaris

Sales/Technical Department

Founder and director of the company is Christakis Englezos, who with his expertise managed to trademark his name and company in Cyprus market and became known as the Generator Specialist. He established D.M.R Ltd as one of the top companies in the generating set sector and having as customers the British Bases Island wide, Supermarkets, Hotels, Factories, Airports etc.

Dynamo Motor Repairs Ltd is one of the leading companies in Cyprus. Known as D.M.R LTD, the company was launched in 1978 as a trading name and register as private company in 1981, under Registration number 16719. D.M.R is operating in generating and machinery sector, providing services such us Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Installations, Maintenance, Load test of Generating Sets and Motor and Alternator Rewinding. Workshops and showrooms are approximately 5000 square meters and are located at 19 Alexandrou Panagouli Street, in Larnaca. In our workshops we can test, rebuild and re-commission generators, motors etc.

Christakis Englezos Director/ Owner


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Margarita Englezou

Assistant Manager




Mission of D.M.R is to operate at the highest level of quality in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

Quality policy​​​​​​​​

It is the policy of Dynamo Motor Repairs Ltd, to market, service, hire and maintain products of a quality that will merit and earn customer satisfaction by performing all  required functions safely, reliably and effectively, to satisfy the expectations and need of all customers.

All DMR Ltd, employees are conversant with the Quality Policy and are required to participate in the continuous improvement of quality in respect of product and services.

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